Tecnam Astore Cockpit, Price, Specifications, and Inside

Tecnam Astore Cockpit, Price, Specifications, and Inside.Tecnam Astore is an extravagant two-seat light sporting activity airplane created by Tecnam, an aerial producer in Italy. This airplane was launched at AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany in March 2013. This airplane can be run as exclusive transportation and public transport. The first manufacturing airplane was named the P48 Astore.

Tecnam Astore Specs

Tecnam Astore made its initial flight in June 2013 and has gotten MUCH part 23 certification from the Federal Aeronautics Management (FAA) and also has actually likewise received kind certification from New Zealand and also Australia.

Tecnam Astore Engine as well as Performance

Tecnam Astore is geared up with optional engine variations consisting of 912ULS2, N 912is as well as 914UL2 produced by Rotax. Standard airplane are powered by the Rotax 912ULS2 engine which can produce approximately 115 hp. This engine drives two/ three-blade Sensenich composite blades which can be adjusted on land. This aircraft has a total fuel capacity that can be used 110 l (29 gal).

Tecnam Astore Wallpapers

Tecnam Astore aircraft can fly with a maximum speed of 222 km/ hour and a maximum cruise speed of 219 km/ hour. It has a maximum range of 750 nm at a climbing rate of 5.6 m/ s and a service ceiling of 4,572 m (15,000 ft). The aircraft requires a takeoff distance of 218 m and a landing distance of 154 m.

Tecnam Astore Cockpit and Avionics

The Tecnam Astore cockpit can be equipped with three optional flight instruments which include the Astore six pack, the Dynon SV1000 plus GPS 796, and the two-screen G3X display. The aircraft has a glass canopy and is equipped with a flight control system including a hydraulic foot brake, a single throttle lever, an electric flap, dual flight controls, trim stabilizers, and a choke.

Tecnam Astore Spy Shots

The standard avionics suite installed on Tecnam Astore includes a magnetic compass, airspeed and sidelip indicators, altimeters and a static system. Avionics further includes panel panels, fuel press, clock recorder, and aviator trim with indicators. Pilots can use the Wi-Fi connection to display on iPad mini the altitude, airspeed shown, and GPS.

Tecnam Astore Specifications

The Astore fuselage is constructed with all-metal material and carbon or glass fiber reinforced matrices for top radome and fairing. It is additionally coated with anti-corrosion epoxy to make it immune to poor climate as well as prolong aircraft life. This aircraft has wings installed low on the fuselage. The overall measurements of the aircraft consist of a size of 7 m, an elevation of 2.3 m, and also a wingspan of 8.65 m. The wingspan of the airplane is 12.2 m ².

Tecnam Astore has a horizontal tail including stabilizer and lift with idea harmonizing horns. The airplane is geared up with a touchdown equipment tricycle which is equipped with two 7075T6 lightweight alloy springtimes. The nose of the airplane is furnished with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers that are attached to the firewall. This airplane has an empty weight of 367 kg, a maximum departure weight of 600 kg, and also a beneficial filling capacity of 233 kg.

Tecnam Astore Price and Orders

The price of the latest Tecnam Astore light sport aircraft is around US $ 147,000 ($ 176,000 with Rotax 912iS). To date, Tecnam has received orders for Astore from various operators throughout the world including New Zealand, Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Kuwait and the US.

Tecnam Astore Cabin and Interior

The Tecnam Astore cabin is 1.15 m wide and 0.98 m high. This includes baggage compartments with a total volume of 11.6 ft ³ and a maximum load carrying capacity of up to 35 kg. The cabin interior includes environmentally friendly leather seats featuring three-point seat belts and adjustable front and rear. This includes an adjustable ventilator, a heating system, and a windshield defroster. The cabin is equipped with an Apple iPad mini charger and a USB charger.

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