TAI TF-X Stealth Fighter Rate, Specs, and Cockpit

TAI TF-X Stealth Fighter Rate,Specs, and Cockpit.TAI TF-X is a stealth fighter that is being established by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the Turkish Air Force. The full-scale mock-up of this aircraft is on screen at the Paris Airshow held in June 2019. 5th generation fighter jets will certainly have premium stealth as well as attack capabilities.

TAI TFX Stealth Fighter Concept

TF-X will replace the existing F-16 competitor jet fleet in service with the Turkish Flying force and also sign up with the F-35 jet boxer fleet. It is anticipated to meet the nation’s air battle requirements until 2070.

TAI TF-X Cabin and Avionics

The TF-X cabin furnished with an innovative avionics suite aboard will certainly feature numerous screens, visual interfaces, ecological information systems, digital maps and high-end interconnectivity gadgets.

TAI TFX Stealth Fighter Concept

Various other attributes such as speech recognition, high-grade audio system, as well as artificial vision will additionally be mounted in the TF-X clever cockpit.
The aircraft will present an online checked energetic radar variety (AESA) supplied by ASELSAN. AESA radar incorporated with stealth body will certainly make sure exceptional stealth ability.

TAI TF-X Engine

The TAI TF-X aircraft engine will be supplied by Rolls-Royce and also Kale Group. The aircraft will include 2 engines with drive rankings of more than 20,000 pound each. The power plant will certainly enable boxer jets to fly at an optimum altitude of 55,000 feet. The airplane will certainly have a maximum speed of Mach 2 and also a battle span of 600 nmi.

TAI TFX Stealth Fighter Redesign

TAI TF-X Specifications

The TF-X boxer airplane will certainly integrate stealth bodies constructed from sophisticated carbon compounds. The wind resistant design will certainly even more enhance the aircraft’s high-speed ability. The airplane will certainly have a size of 19 m, a wing span of 12 m, and also a wingspan of 60 m ². The optimum liftoff weight (MTOW) is 27,215 kg.

TF-X is mostly created to serve the requirements of air-to-air battle. Its sleek layout and distinct features will enable it to be utilized for air-to-surface roles as well.

The airplane will certainly use a high level of situational awareness, sophisticated tools systems, sensor fusion methods as well as reduced monitoring capabilities. Capability that can be operated with other boxer jets such as the F-35A will make it appropriate for joint procedures.


The price of the TAI TF-X stealth fighter is around United States $ 100 Million.

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