Sukhoi Su-80 Inside, Cabin, Specifications, as well as Cost

Sukhoi Su-80 Inside, Cabin, Specifications, as well as Cost.Sukhoi Su-80 is a twin-engined liftoff and also landing (STOL) double-engined aircraft which is mainly made use of for cargo and traveler transportation. It was developed and created jointly by Sukhoi Company (JSC) and also the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Airplane Production Association (KnAAPO), Russia. The aircraft can fit two crew (pilots and also co-pilots) as well as cargo evaluating 3,300 kg.

Sukhoi Su80 Specs

The initial flight was accomplished on September 4, 2001. A total amount of 8 Sukhoi Su-80 aircraft currently run throughout the world. Sukhoi Su-80 can fly both throughout the day or evening and poor weather on traveler and regional air routes. This is accredited according to the AP-25 airworthiness requirement for transportation airplane.

Sukhoi Su-80 has three versions, namely Sukhoi Su-80GP, Sukhoi Su-80PT as well as Sukhoi Su-80TD. Sukhoi Su-80GP is a freight or passenger airplane. Sukhoi Su-80PT, is a patrol or transportation aircraft that is utilized for nationwide land as well as sea border procedures that can transmit top notch relevant data to earth terminals, complimentary emergency alarm as well as ruin intruders. And Sukhoi Su-80TD is an army provider or armed forces freight aircraft that can be used to conduct parachute training, execute casevac/ medevac objectives and also execute various other unique objectives.

Sukhoi Su80 Specs

Sukhoi Su-80 Engine

Sukhoi Su-80 is powered by two General Electric CT7-9B turboprop engines in the bay at the front of the boom. The length and also size of the machines are 2.43 m and also 0.73 m, respectively. Each equipment has six stages of compressor and a completely dry weight of 366kg. Each device can create 1.305 kW of electric power. The maker has actually been made to be really dependable and increase functional schedule, consequently reducing general expenses

The Sukhoi Su-80 can fly at a maximum speed of 470km/ hr. The cruise ship rate is 430 km/ hr. The elevation and ceiling of Sukhoi Su-80 services are 6,000 m and also 8,000 m specifically. The typical range and also ferryboats of each airplane are 1,300 kilometres as well as 3,250 km. This aircraft evaluates around 3,300 kg and the maximum launch weight is 14,200 kg.

Sukhoi Su80 Wallpapers

Sukhoi Su-80 Specifications

Sukhoi Su-80 includes a pressurized airplane, which supports wings and posts. The fuselage section suits radar bays, cabins, bay avionics and also blended cargo cabins. Cargo roads located on the fuselage are made use of to lots and also lower freight as well as to ride guests. Sukhoi Su-80 has the height and also size of the fuselage, specifically 2.35 m and 2.40 m. The range of the body is 0.56 m.

Among the eight airplane generated, the first four pre-series are short aircraft. Of the four continuing to be aircraft, the 5th, sixth as well as seventh model aircraft were expanded at 1.4 m (4ft 7in), offering an extra row of guest seats.

Sukhoi Su-80 is geared up with three-wheel landing equipment which has walk dimensions and wheel base from landing equipment systems which are 6.3 m as well as 6.34 m specifically. The touchdown equipment can be pulled along with the nose support. Low-pressure tires in the landing gear system enable airplane to come down on little landing fields, as well as paths that are not paved, ice, and snowy. It can operate at different temperatures as well as G-limits.

Sukhoi Su-80 Cockpit and also Avionics

The Sukhoi Su-80 is geared up with a navigation and air indicator system, an air signal system, an automated radio compass, an altitude picking up system as well as radio rate measurements, as well as a range gauging gadget.

Sukhoi Su-80 has a trip navigating system designed and created by Electroavtomatika JSC. 2 multimode computer system gaming consoles, 4 multifunction switch screens (MFD), integrated aircraft system screens and needle type tools together form the Sukhoi Su-80 navigating system.

The navigation system receives, procedures and also displays all trip information captured by radar. It additionally tells the crew regarding damage and provides help in getting rid of mistakes that take place due to breakdown.

Other avionics installed in the Sukhoi Su-80 consist of the SBKV-P resignation system as well as elevation system, VIM-95C (VOR/ ILS/ SP/ MRK) navigation as well as touchdown systems, SO-94R (UVD) radar responder, 4205 nationwide aircraft which airs. recognition of respondent and RSBN-85C atmospheric brief range navigation system.

Sukhoi Su-80 Cabin

Sukhoi Su-80 has a comfortable 27m3 cabin. The spacious and also comfortable cabin can fit pilots, co-pilots and 30 travelers with more legroom for all travelers. One chair is likewise available independently for flight attendants. Special tools in the aircraft freight area enables it to use taking care of centers.

The cabin size and height are 7.75 m as well as 1.82 m, specifically. The optimum width of the cabin is 2.17 m and also the flooring size is 1.75 m. The cabin likewise consists of a cargo ramp of 1.82 m x 1.89 m for loading/ lowering tons and also traveler access, as well as an emergency exit 1.27 m x 7m for travelers.

Sukhoi Su-80 Price as well as Orders

The cost of a Sukhoi Su-80 airplane is United States $ 6 Million. The Sukhoi business has actually obtained commercial orders for Sukhoi Su-80 from numerous firms, including Blagoveshchensk Airlines, ChukotAvia, Dalavia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski and also Polar Airlines.

Regarding ten Sukhoi Su-80 aircraft were ordered by Kazakhstan Boundary Guard. The Flying force of the Chinese Individuals’s Freedom Military, the Jordanian Air Force, the Malaysian Flying Force as well as the Republic of Korea Flying force additionally intend to buy Sukhoi Su-80 airplane.

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