Jet C295 Aircraft Vendor, Cockpit, Specifications, Engine, and Price

Jet C295 Aircraft Vendor, Cockpit, Specifications, Engine, and Price.Plane C295 is a brand-new generation tactical airlifter in the light and also medium segment. It is strong and reputable however additionally extremely versatile in terms of the variety of different goals that can be done.

Plane C295W carries out multi-role operations worldwide in all climate condition. It is completely licensed and consistently operates night and day in battle goals in all severe weather, from deserts to maritime settings, from severe warm to severe cold temperature levels.

Airbus C295 Engines

Jet C295 airplane is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada turb12rop PW127G engines, each ranked 1,972 kW and also 2,177 kW with automated power gets. The engine drives an HS-568F-5 six-bladed composite propeller created by Hamilton Sundstrand. Blades, 3.89 m in size, have autofeathering as well as synchronization.

This aircraft carries 7,700 l of gas, giving an optimum distance of 5,630 km. It can be outfitted with an optional probe for probe as well as drogue refueling, to make sure that its variety can be prolonged by refueling in trip.

The left engine is geared up with prop brakes: while on the ground, the gas engine generator can work in APU mode with the prop stopping to generate electrical power as well as air flowing right into the airplane system. The propeller brake system provides the very same ground-power feature as a conventional on-board APU with a fraction of the cost, weight and complexity.

Currently, with the new Jet C295W variation furnished with winglets, this airplane is capable of bring more freight at greater distances in regular hot and high conditions of various nations consisted of in this local trip, causing fuel savings of about 4% as well as boosted safety and security margins in the mountains.

Today’s Armed Forces have increased needs for various air transportation missions. And also whatever the needs for procedures are, Jet C295 is ready to execute its mission effectively.

Airplane C295 Specifications

The Airplane C295 is furnished with the Highly Integrated Avionics System (HIAS), an innovative incorporated avionics system based on the Thales Topdeck Avionics suite. Adaptable architectural principles and also making use of dual civil/ armed forces technology devices guarantee the success of tactical objectives, development potential for future devices as well as compatibility with the most up to date civil airspace atmospheres.

The longest cabin, enhanced for day-to-day goals. With a length of 12.7 m/ 41 feet 8, the Jet C295 has the lengthiest unobstructed cabin in its class. It can accommodate up to 71 seats, using the capacity to bring personnel that is much higher than its competitors in this segment. For the very same factor, it can bring extra pallet loads (up to five standard 88-inch X 108-inch HCU-6E palettes) by filling straight through the rear ramp door.

The Airplane C295’s STOL capability incorporated with a solid landing gear permits it to operate in one of the most tough places with the worst problems for launch and landing. This aircraft is tactical army transportation with light-weight impacts to permit short operations (no more than 670 m/ 2,200 feet), soft as well as rough runways (CBR 2) are not ready. The Airbus C295 is likewise made to supply phenomenal low-level flight attributes for tactical missions, flying at speeds of up to 110 kt.

The trick to Jet C295’s special patrol and monitoring abilities is the Completely Integrated Tactical System (FITS) that incorporates, manages and presents goal sensors, increases objective understanding and also helps with decision making.

Airbus C295 Provider

The Jet C295 is suitable for all sorts of Humanitarian goals for the advantage of culture. Solid, tough, sturdy, as well as with remarkable low-level trip and also short departure as well as landing features from rough, soft as well as brief landing fields that aren’t all set, yet likewise approximately eleven hrs of flight obstacles, the Jet C295 is additionally furnished with Airplane Defense as well as Integrated Tactical System (FITS) An one-of-a-kind space allows all sorts of supervision and also tracking.

The Civil Activities of the Plane C295 include security and also control activities such as search as well as rescue, monitoring illegal immigration, medicine smuggling, piracy, illegal angling, regulating and protecting against marine air pollution, unlawful logging, bringing products to individuals staying in remote locations. This was done by many operators, such as the Portuguese Air Force to patrol the big Portugal Economic Exclusive Area (EEZ), including the area around the islands of Azores as well as Madeira. The Chilean Navy and also the Brazilian Air Force likewise make use of Airbus C295 for search and rescue goals (SAR). Tracking tasks can be performed thanks to FITS, which can be set up in a long-term or pallet solution.

Jet C295 Variant

High versatility, many variations, numerous objectives, one aircraft. The majority of the different variants can be quickly reconfigured to the transport variation as well as back, as a result of the modular palletized mission system.

Plane C295 Security and Reconnaissance variation with multi-mission radar that can also be armed to accomplish efficient Air Cover procedures.

In its Early Airborne Caution version, the Jet C295 lugs an innovative AESA radar for 360 Levels insurance coverage to provide a complete picture of airspace.

Plane Bombing plane version is equipped with a versatile Roll-on/ Roll-off system that converts Jet C295 right into an effective Water Bombing plane to fight woodland fires with as much as 7000 litres of water or preventions.

Long trustworthy on the terminal in mix with the Totally Integrated Tactical System (FITS) making the Plane C295 the excellent system for Maritime Patrol and also Anti-Submarine missions.

Full interception of electromagnetic (ELINT) and interaction (COMINT) emissions to obtain a high degree of situational recognition and to produce knowledge quality.

With a removable refueling kit, the Airbus C295 can be easily converted into a vessel aircraft efficient in providing up to 6000kg of fuel for dealt with as well as rotating wing receivers.

With the VIP seat component in boxes, the Airbus C295 provides a high level of comfort for brief/ unpaved airstrips in remote areas where common VIP aircrafts can not land.

In the MEDEVAC arrangement, the Airplane C295 can load up to 24 cots plus 7 medical employees and even extensive treatment arrangements are possible.

The sturdiness and also versatility of the Plane C295 makes it the ideal system for all sorts of military or private operations for the benefit of society.

Airplane C295 airplane have actually been verified to be battle and also have effectively finished military objectives in all kinds of environments. Regularly running in hot and humid atmospheres in the Brazilian forests as well as hills of Colombia, in the deserts of Algeria as well as Jordan that are very warm and dusty, and in really cold winters months as well as ice problems in Poland and also Finland. Airbus C295 has actually been successfully made use of during lengthy releases (approximately 2 years, flying as much as 90 hours per airplane monthly) in remote areas, such as Chad, Iraq and also Afghanistan. Jet C295 has become the most relied on airlifter in its category, used either as a single sort of transportation, or as a versatile and efficient enhance to hefty air transport as well as transport helicopters.

Airplane C295 Rate as well as Orders

The rate of the most up to date Plane C295 aircraft is United States $ 28 Million. A total amount of 208 C295 airplane have actually been bought by 28 nations in December 2018. Out of this overall, 168 airplane have actually been sent out and also 166 function.

In April 2005, Venezuela ordered 10 C295 transport aircrafts, yet the United States rejected the export license needed to load American airplane and also its order was withdrawed. Portugal bought 12 C295 aircraft in February 2006, seven for armed forces transport as well as five for maritime monitoring. Shipments began in November 2008 and have actually been completed.

Poland bought two extra aircraft in October 2006 (delivered in September 2007) as well as two in October 2007 (delivered in 2009) to bring the fleet to 12 aircraft. Five more airplane, valued at $ 262 million, were ordered in July 2012. The very first two were sent out in October 2012 and the third remained in December 2012. The staying aircraft were supplied in 2013.

In October 2007, the Chilean Navy purchased 3 aircraft. The Colombian Air Force purchased 4 airplanes in November 2007. The initial 2 shipments were made in June 2008, while the 3rd as well as 4th were delivered in November 2008 and also April 2009. Two more airplanes were gotten, one in September 2012 and also the various other in January 2013. the 6 aircraft were carried out.

The Czech Air Force bought four C295 airplane in May 2009. Distributions began at the end of 2009 and also finished in 2010. In February 2012, Indonesia purchased 9 C295 aircraft. The initial 2 were sent to the Indonesian Flying Force in September 2012. In January 2019, there were 11 C295 aircraft running with Indonesia.

In March 2012, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense ordered two airplane. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was additionally signed for 6 extra airplane. Kazakhstan got the initial 2 C295 airplane in January 2013. Eight airplane were sent out.

Airbus Armed force got orders from Oman in May 2012 for the delivery of C295 aircraft in tactical transport (five) and maritime patrol airplane (three) setups. In December 2018, the eight C295 aircraft ran.

The Egyptian Air Force bought 6 C295 transport airplane in January 2013 and 8 added C295 aircraft in July 2014. In January 2019, Egypt operated a fleet of 24 C295 airplane. Mexico positioned orders for two C295 aircraft for its Navy in October 2014. In January 2019, a total amount of 14 C295 airplane operated with Mexican soldiers.

Saudi Arabia got 4 C295W aircraft in June 2015, with all aircraft operating in January 2019. The Philippine Flying force put an order for 4 C295 airplane, 3 of which were sent out in February 2016.

Mali ordered an unit of the C295W transport category in February 2016 and also the aircraft operated with the Mali Air Force. The UAE made orders for tool transport airplane C295 in November 2017 and deliveries will certainly begin in 2019.

Brazil ordered an additional system of C295 search and rescue (SAR) aircraft in July 2014 and deliveries were made in June 2017. In January 2018, Brazil bought extra C295 airplane. It took 13 deliveries from 15 aircraft in January 2019.

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