Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cabin, Interior, Specifications, and Price

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cabin, Interior, Specifications, and Price.Ilyushin IL-96-300 is a wide body long-distance guest aircraft. Made by Russian aircraft developer Sergey V ILyushin, this aircraft was created by the Voronezh Airplane Manufacturing Organization. Aerodynamic arrangement, style as well as systems utilize the latest options, making sure high protection and economic performance in operations. Ilyushin IL-96-300 adheres to all worldwide eco-friendly requirements and hence can be run in all areas of the globe. This airplane is acknowledged for operating from high elevation aerodynamics and also can land in the IIIA and IIIB ICAO airfield groups.

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The initial trip was performed on September 28, 1988. The pilot was S.G. Blizniuk. Certificate Type No. 22-96-300 AR by IAC was approved in December 1992. Ilyushin IL-96-300 started operations in July 1993 with Aeroflot Russian International Airlines. There are about 19 Ilyushin IL-96-300 which have actually been generated where 6 devices are operated by Aeroflot and also 3 units are operated by Domodedovo Civil Air Travel Business, 2 for AiRUnion (KrasAir) 1 for Atlant-Soyuz Airlines, 3 for Cubana de Aviacion, and 4 for Rossiya Airlines (VIP flight unit, made use of for governmental trips).

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Engine

Ilyushin IL-96-300 aircraft utilizes four two-shaft PS-90A turbofan engines with a drive rating of 16,000 kgf (157kN, 35,300 lbf) as well as was developed by Perm Motors Holding, Russia. The PS-90A style is a twin-spool, high-bypass-ratio turbofan with a fan as well as core air circulation. The engine has 11 modules, a sound reductions system and drive turning around on the fan air duct. The aircraft likewise includes an additional VSU-10-02 power device developed by Baranov Production Union,

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Russia. Airplane with PS-90A engines and also second generation audio soaking up structures (ZPK-2) abide by ICAO needs regarding exhausts and also sound

The PS-90A engine was licensed in 1992 and in accordance with the sound restriction of ICAO stage 3. The gas intake of this engine is 0.595 kg/ kgf per hour. Trip elevation is sustained up to 13,100 m. Travelling speed 850 to 900 kilometres/ h (460-485 knots). Far away strolling rate of 0.78 Mach, high speed roaming 0.80 Mach and maximum speed of 0.84 mach.

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Ilyushin IL-96-300M and also Ilyushin IL-96-300T variations are driven by the Pratt & Whitney PW 2337 engine with a thrust rating of 165kN (37,000 lbf). Modern turbofan engines consist of fans, compressors, generators, combustion chambers and also exhaust nozzles. All components play an essential function as well as develop thrust that consequently presses the airplane ahead.

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Specifications

The design of the Ilyushin IL-96-300 airplane uses modern materials to minimize airplane weight while guaranteeing the required rigidity as well as sturdiness. A large-diameter aircraft gives passengers a brand-new degree of convenience throughout long flights. The brand-new wing ensures dependable as well as safe trip in all functional speed arrays.

The cabin layout of the Ilyushin IL-96-300 holds 262 passengers, with 18 54in pitch seats and 244 32in pitch seats. The galley is placed on the top deck, 16 LD-3 containers and the staff toilet lie on the reduced deck. Another 289 seat layout specification is done by enhancing seats in the business course area from 18 to 44 with pitch 34in. The trip crew consisted of just 3 individuals. This is possible as a result of making use of a modern system as well as glass cabin. In terms of dependability, safety and cost performance, Ilyushin IL-96-300 coincides as its international counterparts.

Travelling range with a maximum lots of 37.5 tin (82,675 lb) and also 9000 km (4850 nm) of reserves, with 30 heaps (66,140 pound) 10,000 kilometres (5400 nm (nautical miles)), with 15 tons (33,070 pound) 12000 km (6500 nm).

Running empty weight 121,500 kg (267,860 lb), max take off weight 250,000 kg (551,160 pound), max touchdown 183,000 kg (403,450 lb), fuel storage tank ability of 150,000 litres (39,625 gallons).

Wingspan (end to finish) 60.11 m (197 feet (feet) 3 in (Inches), body length 55.35 m (181 feet 7 inches), elevation 17. 17.55 meters (57 feet 7 inches), wingspan 391.6 m2 (4215.0 square foot (sq ft)).

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cockpit and Avionics

Avionics systems at Ilyushin IL-96-300 are modern systems made in Russia and they comply with ICAO criteria. This airplane is geared up with Collins digital avionics. Ilyushin IL-96-300 features a flight management system (FMS), an inertial and satellite navigation system, and also an accident air avoidance system (CAS) that contains an S. transponder setting. as well as navigating. Computer-assisted control that is sustained by an electric-hydraulic system with a man-made book mechanical network insuring the airplane.

The six-screen electronic trip instrument system (EFIS) acts as a flightdeck instrument display system that incorporates the first proximity warning system (GPWS) as well as additionally presents weather condition radar information. Interaction and also navigation on Ilyushin IL-96-300 is performed with the help of the KPRTS-95М-1 control board, which is integrated in the airplane.

This aircraft is managed with the help of VSS-95-1V flight management system. This system fulfills RNP-1 demands while database loading is executed in accordance with ARINC-424. Ilyushin IL-96-300 electronic sign system is SEI-85М and also KISS-1-2МA. This aircraft is outfitted with SRPBZ field assistance system. Ilyushin IL-96-300 has a CAS-81A (or SPS-2000) air influence avoidance system and also Aero mini M or Aero I. satellite communication system.

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cabin

Ilyushin IL-96-300 can accommodate approximately 300 travelers. Single course (Single Course) 300 seats in 9 rows with 2 cabins. The 3 courses include 235 seats with 22 extraordinary seats in 6 lines with 102 centimeters (40 inch) seats, 40 service classes in 8 lines with 90 cm (35 in) distance, and also 173 economic classes in 9 lines with 87 distance (34 in). Front lower trunk can carry LD3 type containers or pallet with a capability of 9000 kg (19,840 pound) and also rear baggage can carry 10 LD3 containers or pallet with a capacity of 15,000 kg (33,070 lb).

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Price and also Orders

The cost of one system of Ilyushin IL-96-300 airplane is US $ 86 Million. Considering that June 2009, 21 Ilyushin IL-96-300 airplane have operated with 12 even more aircraft. Airline companies using the aircraft are Rossiya (four in service, one according to order), ILyushin Style Bureau (one in service), KrasAir (2 in service), Iran Air (6 in order), Atlant-Soyuz Airlines (two in order)), Aeroflot (six in service), Cubana (3 in services, one in order), Clean Air (2 in order), Polet (2 in service, one on order), Conviasa (two on orders) as well as various other Russian airline companies (five in service). On top of that, the Ilyushin IL-96-300 airplane was likewise made use of as a presidential aircraft, previously utilized by Vladimir Putin as well as presently made use of by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.

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