Ilyushin IL-114 Cabin, Cockpit, Specs, and also Cost

Ilyushin IL-114 Cabin, Cockpit, Specs, and also Cost.Ilyushin IL-114 is a middle-class guest jet designed and produced by the Russian Ilyushin Aviation Facility (IAC). It was constructed to replace the old fleet of IL-14 and also An-24 airplane released in Russia. 14 Ilyushin IL-114 currently operates worldwide. Ilyushin IL-114 turboprop aircraft was made for neighborhood paths. Ilyushin IL-114 made its inaugural flight from the Gromov Flight Study Institute airport on March 29, 1990. The aircraft was flown by a crew under the pilot-test command V. Belousov.

Ilyushin IL114 Spy Photos

The development of Ilyushin IL-114 started in the 1980s. Production began in 1992. Four models were constructed with the objective of attaining certification in 1993. Nevertheless, the test program was delayed when one of the prototypes that went through a flight path crashed in July 1993 due to a technical mistake in the engine or propeller. The freight variation, Ilyushin IL-114T, additionally suffered an accident in 1999 during trip testing. The aircraft got Russian certification in April 1997.

Ilyushin IL-114 Engine

Ilyushin IL-114 is powered by 2 TV7-117S turboprop engines, each worth 1,900 kW. The engine is driven by a six-bladed SV-34 prop provided by Aerosila. Produced by Klimov Company, the TV7-117S takes in 500kg to 550kg of fuel per hour. The TV7-117S engine makes the most of fuel performance and also decreases noise and gas emissions. The size and also size of the machines are 2.1 m and 0.94 m, respectively. The dry weight is 530kg.

Ilyushin IL114 Redesign

Ilyushin IL-114 Specifications and also Layout

Ilyushin IL-114 is based on a totally free monoplane lift design. This airplane is made of an advanced composite steel mix, including titanium, to minimize its overall weight. It was created to remove and land from an unpaved landing strip or a brief runway also in inadequate climatic conditions.

Ilyushin IL-114 is outfitted with modern innovation to keep the aerodynamics and also performance of the required weight of the airplane as well as power systems, therefore offering high fuel performance.

Ilyushin IL114 Drivetrain

Ilyushin IL-114 is geared up with a traditional tricycle type touchdown equipment. Retracting wheels are combined with a telescopic shock absorption system that offers security to the aircraft when touchdown on artificial or non-paved runways.

The landing gear wheel enables it to arrive on aerodromes that are not all set with concrete or ground runways that contribute to the development of Ilyushin IL-114 use in different areas. Additionally, this airplane is created for independent operations at airport terminals that are not outfitted. Ilyushin IL-114 has an incorporated air passenger. Access to all structural elements and also systems, assessments required by the upkeep program, quick as well as easy.

Ilyushin IL-114 can fly at a maximum speed of 500 kilometres/ hr. The regular variety and also ferries are 1,000 kilometres and 4,800 km respectively. The solution ceiling is 7,600 m. The liftoff as well as touchdown prices are 1,500 m and also 1,300 m respectively.

Ilyushin IL-114 Cockpit and also Avionics

Ilyushin IL-114 staff contained a pilot-in-command as well as co-pilot. For successful flight crew performance, all flight data display devices and also advising systems, in addition to airplane system regulates, are incorporated in a single details as well as control system by sending out information to a digital screen, which is located in the pilot panel instrument.

Ilyushin IL-114 has an all-digital glass cabin that can suit two crew members. The flight deck is equipped with 5 shade screens including head to top (HUD), primary flight display (PFD), multifunction screen (MFD), navigation screen, as well as cautioning display screen.

The display allows pilots to evaluate as well as stop failures brought on by engines, power supply systems, air conditioners, antifreeze systems, cabin air pressure, setting of touchdown equipment, doors as well as various other systems.

The flight navigation bundle of this airplane enables the operation of Ilyushin IL-114 in the day and night, in visual climate condition and instruments, in storms, and also ensures departure and landing in the ICAO II common weather.

The system is configured as if the failing of one system does not influence the performance of the various other. The system calls for a degree of redundancy as well as uses tested product.

Ilyushin IL-114 Cabin

Ilyushin IL-114 cabin with a length of 18.9 m as well as a width of 2.64 m suits 64 travelers in a two-seat setup. The cabin elevation is 1.92 m. The ergonomically developed cabin is equipped with a luggage compartment, a/c system and a digital engine control system. The overhanging panel is likewise included to supply blurry light which creates a comfy atmosphere for guests on the airplane. The traveler cabin of the airplane ensures comfy trip within the general elevation range.

Ilyushin IL-114 Price and also Orders

One unit of Ilyushin IL-114 had actually an estimated rate people $ 11 Million in 2008. Vyborg Airlines purchased two IL-114 airplane from IAC in the MAKS Airshow kept in 2005. Venezuela authorized an arrangement with IAC during the 2007 MAKS Airshow to hold 98 IL-114, but the arrangement was canceled. Uzbekistan Airways obtained five Ilyushin IL-114 in July 2010.

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