Eclipse 500 Cabin, Specs, Interior, and Rate

Eclipse 500 Cabin, Specs, Interior, and Rate. Eclipse 500 is an extremely light business jet produced by Eclipse Aeronautics at its production facility in Albuquerque in New Mexico. Eclipse 500 is marketed for pilot/ proprietor services, plane charters and air taxis, as cost-effective and also extravagant six-seat twin turbofan jets.

Eclipse 500 Powertrain

Eclipse 500 made its first flight in August 2002, with the Williams EJ22 engine. In November 2002, Eclipse Aeronautics chose to change the engine and also the airplane was currently equipped with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F engine. The very first flight with the brand-new engine was in December 2004. The airplane received FAA manufacturing qualification in April 2007. The European Aviation Safety And Security Company (EASA) qualification was gotten in November 2008.

Eclipse 500 Cockpit and Avionics

Eclipse 500 is outfitted with an all-glass cockpit with two major flight displays as well as a multifunctional display, which offers system control and also clearly reveals the flight, engine, and system efficiency information specifications.

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The multifunctional display system gives controls for fuel, electrical power, machinery, environmental protection, ice cleaning, lighting and stress systems. It is equipped with embedded back-up instrumentation and a main flight display screen and also the multifunction screen has a reversal setting to permit transfer of information to other display screens.

Eclipse 500 is integrated with the Avio NG avionic suite which has 2 major flight screens with a resolution of 768 × 1,024 and also one 1,440 × 900 multi-function display screen supplied by IS & S. The brand-new screen has a higher resolution and also ordinary time between failures (MTBF).

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Avio NG owns Chelton Trip Equipments RTCA/ DO-229C which are integrated with trip administration systems (FMS), which allow the production of special waypoints, addition or elimination of waypoints from energetic courses as well as specs of identical lane operations. This system has lateral ability based upon GPS and also upright navigation (VNAV).

Eclipse 500 Features

Honeywell interaction/ navigating tools consist of the Primus Peak KTR 2280 multi-mode electronic radio (MMDR), with a digital VHF navigating receiver (omni-directional VHF ranger, localiser as well as glideslope), as well as an optional automatic direction finder. Each radio has one transmitter and 6 receivers, which are capable of operating 8.33/ 25kHz channel ranges and also simultaneous tracking of two VHF communication frequencies. The VHF communication system is shown and managed generally flight display. Honeywell also provides the optional KGP 560 surface awareness system (TAWS).

Eclipse 500 navigating system has a Garmin GTX 33 and GTX 33D dual-mode transponders. The FreeFlight system is a double-area-wide augmentation system that can a global placing system certified for policies on the way in transit as well as in technique. EDO Company supplies antenna communications and aircraft navigating.

The Meggitt Avionics flight control and support system consists of three axis autopilot, double Crossbow Technology AHRS500, heading and also mindset reference system (AHRS) as well as automated throttle. Curtiss-Wright controls, Novatronics throttle quadrant consist of twin engine throttle bars and auto-throttle motor settings up for flap grasp, rate brakes as well as steering trim features.

The air data system, provided by Harco Laboratories, Bradford, Connecticut, includes twin air information computers with minimal upright splitting up capacities (RVSM), twin fixed ports, dual outdoor air temperature levels and pitot heat probes as well as fixed ports of several environmental protection systems.

Eclipse 500 Engine

Eclipse 500 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F medium turbofan engines, with a take-off ranking of 4.00 kN. The engine is outfitted with digital engine control full authority of Hispano-Suiza SA (FADEC) consisting of engine start, automatic restart in flight, over temperature, as well as more rate defense. Engine inlet openings are outfitted with hemorrhage engine air ice defense.

The PW615F twin turbofan engine gives a maximum height of 12,497 m (41,000 feet) which avoids one of the most severe climate systems. The airplane offers a travelling speed of 685 kilometres/ h (370kt) and ranges from 2,408 kilometres (1,496 miles) to four travelers.

The airplane is furnished with a fuel storage tank that can hold 871l (699kg) of gas. Argo-Tech Corporation provides incorporated fuel systems.

The distinct feature of Eclipse 500 is the PhostrEx engine fire suppression system, which is not based on Halon as well as does not have ozone deficiency possibility. PhostrEx has been certified by the FAA as well as meets the Montreal Method requirements, a contract to protect the ozone layer.

Eclipse 500 Specifications

Eclipse 500 is constructed from traditional aluminum building and construction with standard components (spars, stringers, rib structures as well as clips). All important links, such as leather joints, bulkheads and also spar joints to the fuselage are bound mechanically.
The airplane is geared up with horizontal and straight de-icing wing boots. The windshield as well as air information probe are outfitted with an electric powered de-icing system.

UK-based Hampson Industries provides stabilizers, guiding and elevator empennage, upright as well as straight. Saint Gobain provides radome as well as Steico Industries all system tube settings up.
The Macaer Group supplies routing web link landing gear. The single wheeled nose wheel pulls ahead and also the major unit draws in. The landing equipment is outfitted with Parker Hannifin light-weight wheels and also a multi-disc brake system as well as Michelin radial major tires.

Eclipse 500 can run from runways, lawn or land. Run-off is 700m. The booth speed of 124km/ h (67kt) supplies an easy and safe landing.

Eclipse 500 Interior and also Cabin

The interior of Eclipse 500 cabin is geared up with 4 club-style leather seats, LED lights, wood trim and a workdesk and also electrical outlet. The aircraft is furnished with a Dukes Inc user interface digital cabin pressure control system and a Seamech air conditioning component containing heavy steam colders and also heat exchangers.

Eclipse 500 Price and Orders

The most up to date Eclipse 500 cost is US $ 2 Million. DayJet was the very first air taxi driver to receive the airplane, three were sent in April 2007. Dayjet received 12 aircraft in September 2007 and in October 2007 introduced operations utilizing Eclipse 500 aircraft.

Eclipse Aeronautics has actually obtained Eclipse 500 orders for more than 2,600 airplane, consisting of 239 (plus 70 choices) for DayJet, 25 (plus 25 choices) for JetSet Air UK, 15 (plus 15 choices) for Linear Air U.S.A. as well as 120 (plus 60 choices)) for Aviation Europe ETIRC. In July 2008, greater than 200 airplane were shipped as well as accumulated more than 20,000 trip hours.

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