COMAC ARJ21 Engine, Cockpit, Specs, and Cost

COMAC ARJ21 Engine, Cockpit, Specs, and Cost. ARJ21 is a regional jet established by AVIC I Business Airplane Business (ACAC), based in Shanghai, which is a consortium of 6 business as well as aerospace research study institutions that accomplish the advancement and also manufacture of aircraft. The ACAC consortium was gotten by the Commercial Airplane Corporation of China (COMAC) in 2009. The airplane has solid takeoff and also climb performance to permit fundamental airport terminal use with short paths.

COMAC ARJ21 Concept

The very first flight was conducted in November 2008 at Shanghai Dachang Area. The aircraft received CAAC kind qualification in December 2012. ARJ21 went through winter as well as climate flight testing in the Inner Mongolia self-governing region in January 2011. The cross wind test from ARJ21 700 was completed in Might 2011.

The ARJ21 variant consists of the basic ARJ21 700, the prolonged ARJ21 900 variation, the committed ARJ21F warship, and the ARJ21B service class airplane.


ARJ21F is a version of freight ships that can carry five LD7 containers or PIP pallets. The maximum packing capacity is 10,150 kg. ARJ21B is a business jet version built to accommodate 20 travelers.

COMAC ARJ21 Engine

ARJ21 local jet was powered by 2 General Electric CF34-10A engines mounted vessels on the rear of the body in front of the swept T-tail. The engine is equipped with full authority electronic engine control with the Meggitt Vibrometer SA engine control system and also engine resonance displays and turning around actuators pressing Smiths.

COMAC ARJ21 Drivetrain

This airplane has Kidde Aerospace which is totally incorporated with the engine and also fire defense systems of added power devices including cabin fire extinguishers and a bleed air leakage detection system. The aircraft is geared up with an additional Hamilton Sunstrand APS 2300 power unit and also an extra ram air turbine generator.


ARJ21 regional jet was geared up with Liebherr Aerospace type tricycle wheel landing equipment, Goodrich tires as well as Parker Hannifin hydraulic brakes and systems. The size of the take-off as well as landing fields is 1,700 m and 1,550 m.

The fairly thick wing style accommodates a large wing tank with a total capability of 12.720 l (10.386 kg) of fuel. Parker Aerospace supplies the gas system.

25 ° sweptback supercritical wings outfitted with wings to enhance cruise performance. Cruising speed is Mach 0.78 (true airspeed of 500kt) as well as cruising altitude of 10.668 m. Conventional aircraft have a 2,225 kilometres array as well as the remote variation has a 3,700 kilometres range.

COMAC ARJ21 Cockpit and also Avionics

ARJ21 Cockpit is outfitted with five display screen flexible high resolution fluid crystal rockwell Collins 10in x 8in. Honeywell supplies fly-by-wire flight control systems. The avionics suite is based on the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 system, consisting of VHF-4000 sound as well as data transceivers and IRU-4000 electronic sound and information cpus.

The system supports VDL Mode 2 interaction currently as well as likewise has the capability to support controlled pilot web link data interaction.

Rockwell Collins FMS 4200 trip management system supplies numerous vertical wavepoint navigating, trip time and also fuel planning as well as forecast, common tool departures, as well as paths and also strategies to conventional terminal arrivals (SID and also STARS).

The Kaiser Electroprecision throttle control component interacts with Collins auto-pilot, autothrottle, and also FADEC engine. The avionics suite likewise includes a completely integrated engine sign and also crew caution system (EICAS).

The navigating system consists of Rockwell Collins solid-state climate radar, Rockwell Collins AHS-3000 mindset heading reference system, web traffic caution and also collision avoidance system (TCAS) plus air information systems. The incorporated cabin panel setting up and cabin illumination controls are supplied by Eaton Corporation.

Sagem offers flight deck control systems that interact with the fly-by-wire system, including columns, pedals as well as facility console.

COMAC ARJ21 Cabin as well as Interior

With a passenger cabin length of 18,426 m, the ARJ21 can be set up for 78 to 90 seats. Innovative spacious cabin configurations consist of large seats, large pitch varieties, big rooms between aisle seats and also side wall surfaces, large aisles, high ceilings and also low cabin noise. The fabulous seats are prepared in four successive seats, with an unique 38in tone. The tourist class seat is organized in five successive seats, with a 32in tone. Cargo lots area capability is 20,415 m ².

COMAC ARJ21 Rate as well as Orders

The price of the most recent ARJ21 regional jet is around United States $ 40 Million. Launch orders are accepted for 35 aircraft: Shandong Airlines (ten), Shanghai Airlines (5) as well as Shenzhen Financial Leasing (20 ). In March 2004, Xiamen Airlines ordered six ARJ21.

In November 2006, Shanghai Electric Leasing (SE Leasing) authorized a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for 30 aircraft, as well as in August 2007, Lao Airlines from Laos signed an MoU for 2 aircraft. In December 2007, Kunpeng Airlines bought 50 aircraft (plus 50 alternatives). Henan Airlines as well as Lao Airlines each ordered 100 as well as 2 aircrafts in December 2007.

In June 2007, AVIC I introduced an agreement with Bombardier Aerospace to join developing ARJ21-900 as well as promoting long-term tactical teamwork in the business aircraft market of 90 to 149 seats. AVIC I released ARJ21-900 in 2009 even though the service entrance was postponed.

In March 2008, GE’s Commercial Trip Solution (GECAS) bought 5 aircraft (plus 20 alternatives), bringing the total business orders to 90. Likewise in March 2008, Joy Airlines got 50 ARJ21 airplane.

Chengdu Airlines came to be the initial client by ordering 30 ARJ 21 in January 2010. Distributions will start in 2014. Merkukh Enterprises signed a memorandum of understanding for nine aircraft in May 2010.

Myanmar Airways reserved 2 aircraft in June 2011. COMAC was awarded a $ 30 million contract by the Hebei Flight Investment Team in November 2011 to supply ten ARJ21 jets. In November 2011, there were 340 client orders for the ARJ21 regional jet.

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