AVIC Xian MA60 Inside, Cockpit, Specs, and also Cost

AVIC Xian MA60 Inside, Cockpit, Specs, and also Cost.AVIC MA60 is a twin turboprop engine guest airplane made by AVIC Commercial Airplane Co., a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The airplane is made use of for brief and residential air routes, and also is developed for transportation of travelers and also items, maritime patrols, clinical emptyings, as well as procedures to bring down paratroopers.

AVIC Xian MA60 Drivetrain

The inaugural flight of the MA60 aircraft was carried out in February 2000. The MA60 aircraft got certification from the Chinese Civil Aeronautics Management (CAAC) in June 2000 and also began operating with Sichuan Airlines in August 2000. It was certified with the kind of certification of the Indonesian Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (IATDG) in 2006. The MA60 aircraft versions are MA60-100, MA60-MPA Fearless Albatross, MA40, MA60H-500, and Xian MA600.

AVIC Xian MA60 Cockpit and Avionics

AVIC MA60 airplane cockpit fits pilots as well as co-pilots. The cockpit is equipped with a primary flight display screen and also a 10 x 8 inch high-resolution multifunction LCD that shows trip info, including the EFIS-84 digital flight instrumentation system, EICAS-4000 engine indicator as well as staff warning system, automated flight control system, main caution system, data system twin air and double navigating perspective systems.

AVIC Xian MA60 Drivetrain

The MA60 aircraft is geared up with a Pro Line 21 avionics collection supplied by Rockwell Collins. The avionics bundle includes the FMS-3000 flight monitoring system, communications, radio navigation as well as security sensors (CNS), the AHS-3000 perspective heading reference system as well as the TWR-80 climate radar.

AVIC Xian MA60 Specs

The AVIC MA60 is a stretch variation of the Xian Y7-200A, which is created based upon the Antonov An-24. This aircraft is made to take off and arrive on unprepared airstrips, grass runways, and also sandstone and has short liftoff and touchdown (STOL) capabilities. The MA60 is furnished with a de-icing system allowing the aircraft to fly in snowy weather in wintertime.

AVIC Xian MA60 Spy Photos

The MA60 aircraft touchdown device is outfitted with a retractable tricycle-type landing gear consisting of two major gears, a solitary nose wheel that can be managed, 2 disc brakes, and also tubular resistant anti-explosion tires. In general, the AVIC MA60 airplane has a size of 24.71 m, a wingspan of 29.2 m, as well as a height of 8.86 m. The aircraft has an empty weight of 30,203 lb and an Optimum Liftoff Weight (MTOW) of 48,060 lb. The aircraft’s trip variety reaches 1,600 km (860 nmi).

AVIC Xian MA60 Engine and Efficiency

The AVIC MA60 is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127J turboprop engines to drive two Hamilton Sundstrand composite four-blades propellers. Each engine is capable to producing 2,051 kW of thrust. With this engine, MA60 can fly with a maximum speed of 514 kilometres/ hour and also travelling speed of 430 km/ hr. The range and also ceiling of aircraft services are 1,600 km and also 7,620 m, specifically.

The PW127J engine is geared up with a two-stage centrifugal compressor, back-flow heaters, one-level low-pressure as well as high-pressure generators, two-stage electric generators, unadjusted reduction transmissions, as well as a digital engine control system. Overall, this aircraft engine has a length of 2.1 m, size of 0.6 m and height of 0.8 m.

AVIC Xian MA60 Cabin as well as Inside

The AVIC MA60 aircraft cabin is 10.8 m long, 2.7 m vast as well as 1.9 m high. The sizable cabin can suit up to 60 passengers in a four-seat configuration. The cabin is also geared up with a cooling system to regulate the flow of air inside the cabin and preserve a comforting temperature level.

AVIC Xian MA60 Rate and Orders

The price of the latest AVIC Xian MA60 airplane is around US $ 22 Million. AVIC Commercial Airplane Co. has actually gotten 250 MA60 orders from numerous clients throughout the globe up until October 2011. Consumer orders for MA60 include: YingAn Airlines, Zest Airways, CDS Regional Express, Cameroon International Air Transport, Air Burundi, and also Air Congo International. Armed forces customers consist of the Ecuadorian Air Force, the Ghana Air Force, the Sri Lankan Air Force, the Zambia Air Force, and also the Bolivian Air Force.

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