ATR 72-500 Inside, Cabin, Specs, and also Price

ATR 72-500 Inside, Cabin, Specs, and also Price.ATR 72-500 is a regional twin-engine turboprop aircraft produced by Aerospatiale in between 1997 and 2011. ATR, a joint venture developed by French aerospace firm Aérospatiale and Italian air travel empire Aeritalia (Alenia), with its headquarters in Toulouse.

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The inaugural flight of the ATR 72-500 was completed in October 1988 and also the airplane started running in October 1989. The ATR 72-500 is licensed to operate an unpaved path by installing kits to make sure touchdown gear and lower fuselage security. Special cold weather procedures allow operation at temperature levels as low as -54 ° C.

ATR 72-500 Cabin as well as Avionics

The ATR 72-500 navigation system is based on the Honeywell Trimble HT1000 (GNSS) international navigation satellite sensing unit. The basic navigating system fulfills the most recent guidelines and also security needs, including PET CAT I AFCS. ATR airplane are certified for ILS PET CAT II procedures with a choice height of 80 feet offered as a choice.

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The HT1000 GNSS system is integrated with an automatic pilot, electronic flight instrumentation system (EFIS) as well as with a VHF omnidirectional radio starting steering guide with distance measuring equipment information (VOR/ DME).

The ATR 72-500 aircraft is furnished with Rockwell Collins TTR 921 radar for ACAS II. Honeywell Primus 660 climate radar is shown in 4 colors on the digital horizontal situation indication (EHSI).

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Weather condition radar can additionally be utilized in MAP setting to show blockages ashore. Honeywell MARK VIII is improved with a ground distance advising system (E-GPWS) incorporating caution and also terrain recognition display screen, together with cleaning up the terrain floor in a digital trip details system (EFIS).

ATR 72-500 Specifications

ATR 72-500 is a high-wing monoplan aircraft with a fail-safe semi-monocoque body developed from light alloy. Compound materials compose 19% of the complete framework weight. Composite products consist of monolithic carbon structures, carbon/ Nomex sandwiches and also Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches, which are used for the main framework consisting of horizontal tailplane and also steering and also outer wing box components, as well as for additional structures, consisting of ailerons, engine covers and also covers.

Alenia Aeronautica produces aircraft and also tail units as well as is in charge of installing landing equipment. The wings are created and also examined at EADS Sogerma in Bordeaux. ATR in Toulouse is responsible for the final setting up as well as distribution to the customer.

ATR 72-500 is furnished with a hydraulically retracting three-wheel type touchdown gear, with Messier landing wheels, Dunlop wheels and brakes, Hydro-Aire Crane anti-skid control as well as Michelin tires. Goodyear tires are optionally mounted for procedure on unpaved paths. The Magnaghi hydraulic system reinforces the cancellation of the landing equipment as well as additionally offers other systems on the airplane.

ATR 72-500 Cabin as well as Interior

ATR 72-500 aircraft can lug up to 74 guests in an arrangement of four aisles behind. Criterion setup includes two cargo areas. The 5.8 m front cargo compartment lies in between the flight deck and also the guest cabin and also the 4.8 m back compartment lags the guest cabin. The maximum load is 7,450 kg.

The ATR 72-500 aircraft cabin is equipped with a fast adjustment package to provide fast change capacity for passenger as well as container transportation operations and individually ATR cargo conversion to convert aircraft into freight.

The quick substitute set supplies the capability to reconfigure the cabin in 45 minutes to carry ATR special containers using typical front freight doors.

This set permits ATR 72-500 airplane to be operated as traveler aircraft during the day and also as a freight airplane during the night. Each optimized container has a quantity of 2.8 m ³ and can deliver items as much as an overall weight of 500 kg. ATR 72 can bring approximately 13 ATR containers.

ATR 72-500 Engine

ATR 72-500 aircraft are powered by 2 PWF 127F. Optimum constant thermodynamic power is 2,509 kW (3,365 shp) and 2,050 kW (2,750 shp) mechanical power for every engine, offered up to 45 ° C. The aircraft is geared up with two important gas storage tanks having a fuel ability of 5,700 l.

Standard 568F six-bladed Hamilton propeller outfitted with electronic propeller control. All propellers are well balanced, the pinner is constructed from light weight aluminum and also the engine cover is made from carbon/ Nomex sandwich or Kevlar/ Nomex sandwich building and construction. Engine intake in Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches is strengthened with a stiff carbon coating.

ATR 72-500 can sail with a maximum speed of 518 kilometres/ hour. The range and ceiling of airplane services are 1,500 km and also 7,620 m, specifically. This aircraft evaluates around 12,950 kg as well as the optimum take-off weight is 22,500 kg.

ATR 72-500 Cost and Orders

The price of the current ATR 72-500 airplane is around US $ 14.4 Million. Air Algeria granted a $ 82 million agreement to ATR in December 2009 to supply 4 ATR 72-500 aircraft. The initial of the four aircraft was sent out in February 2010 when the ceremony was kept in Toulouse. In June 2011, the ATR 72-500 delivery to Air Algeria was wrapped up, boosting the airplane fleet to 12.
As of January 2011, 1,074 aircraft (423 ATR 42s and also 651 ATR 72s) were bought, of which 915 (412 ATR 42s and 503 ATR 72s) were supplied. In October 2009, Air Vanuatu got a new ATR 72-500, configured with 68 seats and was powered by a 127 million PW engine under a $ 20.5 million agreement checked in 2008.

The Royal Thai Flying force obtained the first of 4 ATR 72-500 airplane in September 2009. The agreement to buy four ATR 72-500 was signed in 2007. All shipments have actually been finished.
In 2008, TAT Team received 40 ATR 72-500. Vietnam Airlines purchased six ATR-500s in 2008. Orders in 2007 included TRIP Linhas Aereas (7) in January, Swiftair (3) in April, Malaysia Airlines (20) in June 2007, Batavia (10) in August, Vietnam Airlines (11 ), Berjaya Air (four) and Malaysia Airlines (20) in December.

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