ATR 42-600 Inside, Cockpit, Specifications, and Cost

ATR 42-600 Inside, Cockpit, Specifications, and Cost.ATR 42-600 is a twin turboprop traveler aircraft created as well as created by Aerospatiale as well as Aeritalia. ATR, with headquarters in Toulouse, is a joint endeavor in between EADS and Finmeccanica/ Alenia Aeronautica.

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ATR 42-600 is a brand-new generation aircraft outfitted with new engines, brand-new propellers, enhanced heat as well as high performance, boosted weight capacity and also boosted guest cabin. ATR 42-600 was certified in 2012.

Another version of the ATR 42 airplane is the ATR 42MP which is an airplane for maritime patrol, operating with Guardia in Finanza Italia (3 aircraft) and coast guard (2 aircraft).

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ATR 42-600 Engine

The ATR 42-600 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PWC 100 Series turboprop engines. This engine is equipped with two six-bladed Hamilton Sundstrand 568F propellers with Propeller Electronic Control. Blades are all counterweighted. Pinner is made from light weight aluminum, while the engine cover is made from carbon/ Nomex sandwich or Kevlar/ Nomex sandwich. Engine consumption is in Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches with a stiff carbon layer.
Thermodynamic power, under maximum continuous problems, is 2,315 kW (3,148 shp) as well as mechanical power is 1,765 kW (2,400 shp) for every engine. To sustain this big engine power, the ATR 42-600 furnished with 2 indispensable fuel tanks can bring 5,700 litres of gas.

A pneumatically-driven de-icing system is attended to engine air intake, edge leading sides, and also straight tailplane sides. The electric anti-icing system is installed for the propeller blades, windscreen and horn.

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This airplane has a tricycle that can be pulled hydraulically. Landing touchdown feet are given by Messier, wheels and also brakes by Dunlop, anti-slip control by Hydro-Aire cranes as well as tires by Michelin (or optional Goodyear tires for operation on non-paved paths). Magnaghi’s hydraulic system offers landing equipment retraction as well as additionally serves various other systems on the aircraft.

ATR 42-600 Specs

ATR 42-600 is a high wing monoplan with a reliable semi-monocoque fuselage constructed from light alloy. Compound materials, such as monolithic carbon structures, carbon/ Nomex sandwiches and Kevlar/ Nomex sandwiches, are extensively utilized and also stand for 19% of the overall framework weight.

Alenia Aeronautica is accountable for making the fuselage, tail unit as well as landing equipment installation. The wings are produced and also examined at EADS Sogerma, in Bordeaux. ATR has full duty for the last assembly and shipment to the consumer.

Specifications for unique variants such as the ATR 42MP are geared up with search radars, Galileo Avionica goal systems, electronic assistance steps Elettronica (ESM), forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and also TV video cameras. The aircraft can invest up to 8 hrs at the terminal, at 200nm from the base.

ATR 42-600 Cabin as well as Avionics

ATR 42-600 is furnished with Rockwell Collins TTR 921 radar for ACAS II. Honeywell Primus 660 weather radar is presented in four colors on the digital horizontal circumstance indication (EHSI). Weather condition radar can likewise be made use of in MAP mode to show obstructions on land. Honeywell MARK VIII is boosted with a ground closeness advising system (E-GPWS) incorporating caution and also surface caution display screen, plus cleansing the terrain flooring in an electronic flight info system (EFIS).

ATR 42-600 is equipped with an electronic Thales avionics collection that consists of five LCD screens, a new trip management system, brand-new communication, a new navigating system with a worldwide navigating satellite system/ vast area augmentation system (GNSS/ WAAS) and also a new automatic pilot for the CAT III method.

ATR 42-600 Cabin as well as Freight

ATR 42-600 can lug as much as 70 guests in a four-aisle arrangement. Requirement setup consists of 2 cargo compartments. The 4.8 m front freight compartment lies in between the flight deck and the passenger cabin and the 4.8 m ³ back area is located behind the traveler cabin.

The ATR 42-600 taxi is equipped with a quick substitute package that has the capability to reconfigure the cabin in 30 minutes to lug ATR unique containers utilizing typical front freight doors.
This kit enables the airplane to run as a guest plane during the day and as a cargo aircraft at night. Each enhanced container has a volume of 2.8 m ³ and also can carry products as much as a complete weight of 500kg. ATR 42 can lug up to nine ATR containers.

The conventional front cargo door of 1.52 m × 1.27 m can be replaced with a large freight door of 2.95 mx1.8 m to lug conventional container system (ULD) containers, such as LD3 and 88in × 108in containers.

ATR 42-600 can carry 5 LD3 containers plus 10.0 m ³ for bulk shipments. The alternative tons arrangement consists of 3 88in × 108in containers, one 63in × 88in container and also an extra 11.9 m ³ of bulk transportation.

ATR 42-600 Cost and also Orders

The price of the most recent ATR 42-600 airplane is around United States $ 19.5 Million. Today, 30 ATR freights are operating with 12 service providers, while 27 ATR 42-320 for FedEx remain in conversion. Just two of these airplanes are equipped with huge freight doors: one ATR 72 is operated by Farnair and also one ATR 42 is flown by Northern Air freight Alaska. FedEx airplane are outfitted with typical cargo doors.

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